Soft Wash
Tinman Group Ltd.

The Big Deal With Soft Wash

Soft Wash is nothing like pressure washing. Instead of high-pressure water jets, Soft Wash uses a combination of wildly effective sanitizing cleansers and a gentle clear water rinse. This unique approach eliminates bacteria, algae, and more without any damage to the surface beneath.


The Culprits Behind the Mess

Those dark stains and streaks are more than dirt. They come from trillions of tiny microorganisms. If you want to get technical, the organisms responsible are called Gloeocapsa Magma. The little monsters feed on delicate surfaces like shingles or limestone and multiply rapidly. Soon, your property is overwhelmed by a true infection.


The Right Clean for Your Home, Business, or Cottage

Traditionally, people have blasted stains away with high-pressure water and heavy scrubbing. Unfortunately, that's a temporary fix that can severely damage surfaces like shingles. We use biodegradable cleansers that kill microorganisms while also removing grime, spider webs, and insect nests. Then, we gently rinse the surface to restore its appearance without damage. No harsh scrubbing.


What Makes Soft Wash Different?

Soft washing is not pressure washing. Instead of using high-pressure blasts of water, we use gentle cleansers and a low-pressure clean water rinse. Why is that better?

Consider your lawn for a second. When you cut it, the grass often comes back even thicker. Pressure washing is like that for microorganisms. When you blast a surface with high pressure, the organisms come back even stronger. Unlike pressure washing, Soft Wash sanitizes the destructive microorganisms - giving your property lasting protection.


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